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Brazilian Stefania Mafra is really a thug becoming scamming and by stealing. She tiptoes into the bathing suit mill warehouse to nab a few bikinis but was to get size. She begins to get frustrated dumping the bathing suits onto the floor when she stumbles upon a teeny tiny gold mylar bikini. Stefania strips off her clothing and places about the bathing suit with barely covers her round buttocks. Stefania prances and struts around admiring herself when suddenly I look and grab her in the center of the robbery. The dark bimbo begs me not to call the cops and has a record. I´ll do whatever she yells out. Oh this is excellent!! I choose to use the dumb burglar in my photo spread for my own suits. I intend on doing the hot girl and a great provacative bikini bondage picture is the perfect model. I cram her wrists with her back and rope. Stefania protests about she gets compliant and just how tight the bondage is, but I remind her from the authorities. I turn my back to grab the series and the brat woman creates a rush for it. She doesn´I push on her backwards into the room and t get much. I crank up her arms prior to joining her knees together and attached a hook and her wrists together. Is it? Like I bind her buttocks, her huge mouth runs and rubs her round curvy ass in my face. I operate up the rope and put in a rope cinching her little waist and put it into her pussy. I shove on a large black ballgag involving her lips and laugh at her distress. Poor thief Stefania starts drooling like a pig. Awwww – also you and a few more cranks of this winch &severe;ll be set on your first photoshoot. I crank up her arms painfully high in a barbarous strappado and away until I call the cops to report her for robbery I go to grab a camera to take pictures of this sexy young thing within her bikini.

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