Veronica Da Souza in Eurogirlsongirls Chemistry works between these two girls April 22, 2011 Lingerie, Black Hair

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Hi Guys it is me a sexy woman, and I jumped at the opportunity if I was asked when I’d love to perform a second set with Veronica. No really I jumped up and down just like a little girl just as delighted as can be on my bed. I had heard so much about her long before we met, how hot she was and just how much she really like women, until you begin 35, but you never know more about the chemistry. Just like two peas in a pod we all are quite the exact same and very close and now that we have been together I know what to expect. I was excited like a virgin teenager on her first chair date as soon as I watched her dreams of our last time started flashed in my mind, I could sense my pussy provide a twitch. We started kissing, touching and rubbing each others bodies around. Veronica pulled the top of my dress down and started sucking and licking my breast, she must have recalled how excited I get when my nipples are sucked. She licked and sucked on my tits forth and back one and then the other and I turned back towards her and then we started kissing as she played with my boobs and started rubbing my pussy. Veronica sat down to the sofa and pulled down my dress further then I stuck my ass outward and bent over and she began licking and rubbing it all over as I rubbed and played with my tits and stiffened nipples. I reached back and spread my ass open and Veronica started licking at my twat, her tongue was so warm, soft, and very moist, making my pussy best friend. Both Veronica and I got to the sofa I got on our knees and she got down to the ground, she slowly slowly slid her finger inside my hole and then rubbed against my pussy up and down. Her finger slipped in and out and then she started licking at my twat, first one and then the other, shifting back and forth. Veronica came up and joined me on the couch and we began to kiss she laid back down and I put right along with her and began licking nips and her tits. I sucked on her nipples and then watched them rise, teasingly flicking my tongue over them over and over. When her nipples are half as delicate as mine I know her pussy is becoming all hot and wet. Until slipping them indoors, I pulled her panties to the side and I licked my way down her torso my fingers slid up and down. His hands slid in and out and licked at her swelling clit then I got up on my elbows and we rubbed and played with each others pleasures. I leaned forward and started licking and sucking on her nipples, sucking on her tits and nips were putting me all worked up so I understand what it has to do for her. I put my tongue puss that was pretty and veronica lifted her leg and started licking her up and down. Her pussy was hot juicy and sweet and tasted just like homemade Cherry dish, I licked and sucked all over her snatch, I will sense my pussy was starting to drip while I licked hers. My finger slid back inside her hole, fingering licking her equally in exactly the exact same time I slid my hands and pare tongue from her twat then laid down on my spine. Veronica got with her round tanned bum high in the skies into Doggy, she sucked on my tits and then we began kissing afterward she licked and kissed her way down my body. She placed her tongue in my wet pussy and began licking me all over. I stuck my fingers in my mouth sucking in my wet pussy, teasing them as Veronica continued licking and which makes them wet and all nasty I snapped and played with my nipples. I spread my legs open as wide Veronica laid on her belly to get comfy and as I could, licking my horny sweet down and up and sucking the juice from the inside out. Then she gave me a turn and started licking it all over and she caught the Big Orange Dildo, I licked and sucked the Large Orange cock from the bottom up while making all types of horrible sounds. Veronica played the dildo on my tits and slid it across my twat and clit, until I knew it she’d the dildo and was fucking me. She toyed with my clit as she fucked my horny pink hole, sucking, licking and fucking my pussy until I had the biggest orgasm and played. I awakened and we began kissing, so I could taste the sweetness from my pussy on her tongue along with his shared with a nasty tongue licking kiss then she laid back down and I kneeled in the front of the couch, pulled her panties to the side and started licking, suckingand fingering her horny hole. I grabbed the Large Blue Dildo and began sucking getting everything nasty and lubed I then slid it inside Veronica pussy, fucking her cunt precisely the same way she’d mine, then sliding the dildo in and out as I licked and sucked her pussy and clit. The dildo slid from within her pussy and she made her happy ass I then moved right back to licking her twat and pulled her panties off to give myself a shot. I slid the cock back inside her, licking at her till she got off then we began kissing and playing with our tits and then I pulled the dildo and fucking.

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